I have a primary store view home that's attached to the default store and configured (in Stores > Configuration > General > Web > Default Pages) with a specific CMS Home Page (also called home). That works fine.

I have another store view, store2, that's attached to a second store and configured with a different CMS Home Page (store2), and that one doesn't work. Instead, it shows the same CMS Home Page as the primary home store view.

This happens even though I've set the home CMS page to only be available for the home store view, and the store2 CMS page to only be available to the store2 store view. I've also tried changing the keys for the CMS pages in case they were conflicting with the store view keys somehow. No dice.

I should note that store2 has a custom theme which was copied from home's theme (I've tried having that custom theme inherit from both home's theme and from its theme's parent; neither seems to help matters.)

I should also note that store2 exists as a directory on the server just below root. It contains symlinks to app, lib, pub, and var, a copy of the root's .htaccess file, and a modified index.php file, per our server provider's instructions.

Lastly I should note that we used MGS Page Builder to create the initial homepage, and that extension's export/import feature to produce the CMS homepage for store2.

I've also run setup:upgrade, cache:flush, and indexer:reindex (we're in dev mode so no deployment). No luck.

Any idea what I'm missing here?

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  • Did you assign the homepage from store > configuration > web default page for all stores? – Sukumar Gorai Jun 15 '18 at 4:30
  • Yes, changed the scope to each store view and assigned there. – mxtthxw Jun 15 '18 at 11:22

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