I am unable to get oauth_verifier for Magento2.0 which is needed to get the access_token

I am trying to get the access token using POST /oauth/token/access which requires oauth_vefirier as one of the parameter.

I am refereeing this doc.

Can anybody please let me know from where we can get the oauth_verifier generated by the Magento?

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Open the System > Extensions > Integrations

enter image description here

Add New Integration

enter image description here

Set the integration Name and other settings, then specify your Magento 2 back-end password in the Your Password field

enter image description here

Switch to the API sidebar tab and select the resources which will be available to OAuth clients:

enter image description here

Press the Save button. The integration will be saved and the Integrations list will be shown again. Press the Activate link in the integration row:

enter image description here

A confirmation screen will be shown. Press the Allow button

enter image description here

The credentials screen will be shown. Use them in your third-party software to access your Magento 2 as OAuth server.

You will see:

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Access Token
  • Access Token Secret

Copy it to somewhere, then press the Done button.

enter image description here

The integration will be saved and the Integrations list will be shown again. You will see your integration in the Active state: enter image description here

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