I have been doing some user testing and noticed that lots of people put in a space after/before their email address, especially if they are ordering from a mobile phone, i.e. " name@domain.com ".

Because of the space, magento shows a red box error on it and some users get confused and don't know what to do. Is there a easy way of trimming the space from the email, through either code or javascript?

Any guide for this will be appreciated.

  • Try this var email = " name@domail.com"; console.log(email.trim()); – Vishnunath Jun 13 '18 at 14:10

Try adding this code to your site: (change #email_address with the ID of your email field)

    var pretrim = jQuery(this).val();

Try to add below code in your file where you want to trim the text:

    document.getElementById("email_address").onblur = function() {
        var val = document.getElementById("email_address").value;
        var str = val.trim();
        document.getElementById("email_address").value = str;

This method will work even when you are not using jQuery.

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