I created my custom module for add a product to my cart, if I use my controller with this form :

<form action="http://*********/mycart/cart/add/uenc/*******/product/1/" method="post">

My product is in my cart, but minicart is not update, and change page not resolve this problem.

But, if I change my form link with magento controller like this :

<form action="http://*********/checkout/cart/add/uenc/*******/product/1/" method="post">

It's work fine

In my controller, I have just change this

namespace Magento\Checkout\Controller\Cart

to this

namespace Test\Mycart\Controller\Cart;

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Please try creating a sections.xml file in the etc folder of your module and configure it according to your needs For Example:

<action name="mycart/cart/add">
    <section name="cart"/>

This would reload customer's minicart on each POST request to your controller. Basically, action node indicates controller path and section node defines which client-side content should be updated.

Caches have to be flushed for this change to apply.

For a reference


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