How magento 2 displayed only the in-stock upsell products in view page. How they handled and displayed

I wish to display upsell product collection in list page on each product. I got the upsell product collection using below code and I got the upsell product collection (But it got both in-stock and out of stock products). I need to display only instock upsell products. So Please Provide me a solution to get in-stock upsell products


but while getting collection itself ,how do i add stock status filter then wish to get the upsell collection.

I don't want foreach each item and check stock status

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Handle Upsell Products

  • Open product in Edit mode in the admin page. Then under the Advance setting section, find Up-sell Section.


  • Now you start to add Up-sell products to the product you open above in Edit mode.

  • Tap Reset Filter in the upper-right corner to display all the available product to choose as Up-sell. Use Filter tool if it’s necessary.

  • After you are done choosing, remember to Save.

Displayed only the In Stock Upsell Products

Go to admin > Stores > configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Stock Options

Set Display Out of Stock Products to NO

out of stock

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