I currently have a Magento 1.9 website which sends the standard transactional email when an order is completed and paid for, detailing a summary of the transaction and items.

How can I get a copy sent to my customer service email address, but either with the customer's email address in the from field, or set as a reply-to? The aim is that customer service agents can then simply reply to the order summary and the email goes directly to the customer.

My current set up is detailed below:

Transactional Email Setup

Example Case

A customer with the email address [email protected] places an order and successfully completes checkout. [email protected] send the order confirmation to the customer, and any additional recipients. My goal here is to have a Reply To header on all emails send out except the one that the customer receives. Therefore when a member of staff clicks 'Reply' to the order confirmation, it goes directly to [email protected] rather than [email protected].

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This is exactly how we have ours configured. The carbon copy of the email that arrives at the inbox of the email address that you specify here also includes the customer's email address.

We then simply click Reply All and remove our own email addresses, leaving only the customers email. If we only click Reply, then it only includes the sending address, which is our sales@ address.

  • Thanks for the update, although I don't think I made it clear enough what I was asking, so I've updated my original question. Jun 12, 2018 at 15:29

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