I have an issue with my Magento's database (Magento 1): in few days, doing several times the reindexing process, the table 'core_url_rewrite' weighs about 10 GB and the server stops to work. Then, both the frontend and the backend become unable to be reached.

How can I solve it?

  • I hope my answer will solve your issue. – Nikunj Vadariya Jun 9 '18 at 11:07



around line 807

Mage_Catalog_Model_Url::getProductRequestPath() ]


if ($product->getUrlKey() == '' && !empty($requestPath)
   && strpos($existingRequestPath, $requestPath) === 0


if (!empty($requestPath)
           && strpos($existingRequestPath, $requestPath) === 0

Step 1: Truncate

Truncate the core_url_rewrite table

Step 2: Reindex & Flush Caches

Initiate the re-indexing process on Core URL Rewrites. Thereafter, you'll want to flush the Magento cache & storage cache.

SystemCache ManagementFlush Magento Cache

SystemCache ManagementFlush Cache Storage

You'll notice if you re-run the indexer, the table should stay constant in size (unless you've added more products inbetween or if you have duplicate category names).


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