I have created a configurable product with a simple product as child (in Magento The simple product has been given a weight of 100 kg.

When buying the simple product by directly browsing to it, not by selecting it from the configurable, the weight is calculated correctly for the order (100 kg).

When buying the same product by browsing to the configurable and choosing it via a drop-down, the weight for the order is doubled (200 kg). If I buy two of the simple product this way the weight ends up at 400 kg.

I can see Magento has set these incorrect weights for the order in sales_flat_order so it's not a presentation issue.

As we display the weight in our admin's order overview prior to selecting appropriate shipping this causes problems.

Have I set this up incorrectly? Why Magento is calculating weight differently based on if I add the product as simple or configurable? Is there a non-hacky way to have magento calculate order weight solely based on the simple products total weight and not double it for configurable?

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