I was wondering would anybody be able to assist me.

I want to add a pop up on my magento 1 website that tells the user about our cookie policy.

I know there is a setting in magento already but it doesn’t look great on our website.

Has anyone implemented their own pop up message ?

And willing to give me some help or sample code ?



Try like this, its simple way to create and it will work.

function createDivCookie(){

 cookieName = 'testCookie';
 cookieDuration = 14; //days  
 createCookie(window.cookieName,window.cookieValue, window.cookieDuration); // Create the cookie
 //Place Your Code to Show Popup message


 if(checkCookie(window.cookieName) != window.cookieValue){
    createDivCookie(); //it will check cookies created or not

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