This is a problem reported several times with many possible solutions.

Customer is redirected from Paypal back to website https://www.example_website.com/paypal/express/review/ page. He has to check that he agrees with terms & conditions. But after checking that and clicking "Place Order" button, he's redirected back to the same page with message "You need to accept Terms & Conditions in order to proceed" or "Order payment Failed. Please try again later..."

I have tried

and other numerous solutions I cannot recall, but nothing really worked.

Does anybody know the source of this issue? It started as soon as I enabled Terms and Agreements in checkout. Before that, all payments through Paypal were completed normally.

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As I cannot comment I have to do it through this way, but maybe you should take a look at this topic. Maybe it holds some information to get you back on track: Validation of the terms and conditions (custom module)

Check the HTTP requests and their content. Is the value of the key called agreements_id empty?

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