Let's say we have a list of wrenches:


I'm trying to find the predispatch event handler for the Catalog's product list page so that I can sanitize the 'order' parameter's input before it is sent to the controller.

I'm new to magento and have been having trouble finding it.

Where is it?

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Short answer: After some digging I found that there wasn't a predispatch handler already defined in my config.xml file for the page I cited (Catalog Category View) so I had to create one.

Longer answer: I consulted 'Phparchitect's Guide to E-Commerce Programming with Magento' which has a section that lists the syntax of predispatch events you can listen for, namely:




I plugged in my module, controller, and action names (Catalog/Category/View) and created a new handle in config.xml, which also specified an Obserfer class and a method like so:


Afterward, I navigated to the Observer class and created a new method with the method name specified above. Using my debug log I was able to detect this method being hit upon loading the page again.

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