I want to get category Id from order Item.

As we aware that we can get current_category on the product page.

but how to get that category from orderItem object.

We can get Product object via $orderItem->getProduct() but,

I am getting categoryIds() but I want specific Category Id where the user come and add that product to cart.

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    I think we must save category id in quote_item while adding the product to cart and then move that category id value into order_item. So, for this feature, we need to add the new attribute in quote item and order item. – kunj May 24 '18 at 9:07

I think Magento doesn't store that category id further means in quote.

So what easy solution you can do is add a hidden field in addtocart form

So that way you can get detail on info_buyRequest

for example <input type="hidden" name="cat_id" value="$catId" >

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