After looking at the log files of my Magento site, I noticed that a URL ending .co.uk/no-route was getting a significant number of events.

What is this URL?

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Any URL in Magento which does not find target page those URL will be considered as a (no-route) 404 Page

In Magento, such pages are called no-route (means for which routing is not available)

Simply all 404 request will be considered as no-route URL.

  • is it okay to set to homepage instead of no-route page? as seo point of view? – Alam Zaib Feb 25 '19 at 13:09
  • Yes I have some of store which redirects you to home page in case of 404 :) – Dhaval Solanki Feb 26 '19 at 4:45

Magento default installation already has a predefined custom 404 page (no-route).

Under Magento administration we can manually set default 404 page template.

System -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Default Pages -> CMS No Route Page.

Here you can add any previously created CMS page (Customer Services for example).

enter image description here

Default 404 page settings

Or you can use more specific content (search form, store sitemap, contact form, specific store categories with promoted products…).

I hope it will clear your concern.

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