I'm using magento 2.1.7 EE and customer custom attributes creation in built, so I have added three attributes customer_title, customer_type and industry_type

So I want to display all three categories separately in my desired places. Still didn't find a way to show it.

Following section shows the all customer custom attributes together.

<?php $customerAttributes = $block->getChildBlock('customer_form_user_attributes'); ?>
<?php if ($customerAttributes): ?>
<?php $customerAttributes->setEntityType('customer')->setShowContainer(false);?>
<?php $block->restoreSessionData($customerAttributes->getMetadataForm());?>
<?php echo $customerAttributes->toHtml()?>
<?php endif;?>

Need help.

  • @akgola do you have any idea about this?
    – Lasantha
    May 23, 2018 at 17:26

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I'm waiting 5 days for an answer, finally I found a shortcut. So I think better to post it here.

This will helpful to developer who needs to customize the register post.

Register page show Customer attribute as follows,

$customerAttributes = $block->getChildBlock('customer_form_user_attributes');

if ($customerAttributes): 
  echo $customerAttributes->toHtml(); // Here display the all customer attributes

So I found the getUserDefinedAttributes() method checking the module block,

then modified the code as,

if ($customerAttributes): 
  // Read the all customer attributes.
  foreach ($customerAttributes->getUserDefinedAttributes() as $attribute):
    // Check the attribute code and I want to show customer_title so filter it using if.
    if($attribute->getAttributeCode() == "customer_title"):
      // get attribute content using filtered $attribute
      $attributeContent = $customerAttributes->getAttributeHtml($attribute);
      if ($attributeContent):
        echo $attributeContent; // Display customer_title attribute content

This helps for customer address attributes also.

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