I am trying to install the module using the composer in Magento 2. I have created a module and publish on the GIT repository and also added the GIT repository URL at packagist.

Module GIT URL: https://github.com/sumansingh51/suman-hello

Module composer.json: https://github.com/sumansingh51/suman-hello/blob/master/composer.json

Module packagist URL: https://packagist.org/packages/sumansingh51/suman-hello

Now I am trying to install this module in my Magento project and showing below error

[root@pt project]# composer require sumansingh51/suman-hello

Could not find a matching version of package sumansingh51/suman-hello. Chec k the package spelling, your version constraint and that the package is ava ilable in a stability which matches your minimum-stability (stable).

Also tried to with "minimum-stability": "stable" OR "minimum-stability": "dev",

But it showing the same error in terminal.

What things I need to change so I can install the module via composer?

How package version effect the composer installation?

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