We have following situation on Magento installation (ultimo theme) with multistore setup as websites in subfolders, e.g. domain.com/en-ca, etc..

Add to cart works when on the default website (domain.com) but not when using a website in the subfolder, e.g. domain.com/en-ca/

-Add to cart works when a user is logged in. -Same problem on staging and live domain (same hosting environment) -Share customer accounts set to global.

No erros are reported in system log. Cookie setting as follows:

  • Cookie Lifetime: 86400
  • Cookie Path: /
  • Cookie domain: staging.domain.com
  • Http only: yes Cookie restriction mode: No

Frontend session cookies are carried over when trying to add something to the cart, but cart remains empty. If leaving Cookie Path and Cookie domain field empty: Cookie is set in path /en-ca when checking browser dev tools.

Form-key validation should not cause this because it works on default website? I suspect it is due to the multi-store setup as it works on default site. However, all else on multistore seems to work.

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I was able to solve it. The exception.log file gave the answer.

The error was: 'Zend_Cache_Exception' with message 'cache_dir "tmp/" must be a directory' in /xxx/xxx/magento_staging/lib/Zend/Cache.php:209

Found the answer to this issue here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16031456/message-cache-dir-must-be-a-directory

Then modified file.php in lib/Zend/Cache/Backend/ on line 98 from

 protected $_options = array(
        'cache_dir' => '/tmp',


 protected $_options = array(
        'cache_dir' => '/your/path/magento_staging/tmp',

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