I want to set custom price to bundle product. especially apply to the main product, not its options product. I need to apply the discount on the bundle's total price.

Here is my code working for the normal product type. it's properly working.

     * @param type $item
     * @return true
    protected function setItemPrice($item, $price) {

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Here you can apply price to bundle product programmatically.

$product = $objectManager->create(\Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\ProductInterface::class);

$product->setSku('bundle-csec'); // Set your sku here       
$product->setName("Bundle Csec"); // Name of Product
$product->setStatus(1); // Status on product enabled/ disabled 1/0
$product->setWeight('75'); // weight of product
$product->setVisibility(4); // visibilty of product (catalog / search / catalog, search / Not visible individually)
**$product->setPrice('75');** // price of product
$product->setCustomAttribute('description', "Here is your prod description");

Let me know if that worked for you.

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