Recently, I got a news that Magento has been acquired by Adobe for $1.68 billion.

I have also read here, that Adobe likely has plans to change things around the way Magento is made available to developers and businesses.

What will happen after the deal completes in the third quarter of 2018?

Will Magento Community (Open Source) Edition still available for free?

As we all know that none of the products from Adobe are Open Source, will Magento become restricted to the developers like Shopify?

Will there be only Cloud Edition of Magento in the future?

There are many such comments on the web to support my concern:


MagentoCE will remain open source check this tweet from adobe



You guys can also check out reddit post related to this issue here; https://www.reddit.com/r/Magento/comments/a16vnd/adobe_shutting_down_magento_2_open_source/

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