Is it possible in Magento 2 to have the Tier Price for a product also reduce the Special Price?

For example, if we had a product with tier pricing setup that when you order 3 or more it applies a discount of 10% we then added a special price of say $1, could the tier price be applied on top of this?


Type            Quantity    Price
Normal Price    1           2.50
Normal Price    3+          2.25
Special Price   1           1
Special Price   3+          0.9

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AKAIK - By default Tier pricing is not supporting for special price !!

Meaning it is only available for main price only !!

Tier Price is only works on Main price - like 1 product in 10$ but if you wanted to give discount for 3 products then it works like 3 product in 8$

But with special pricing it will not works defaultly !! you need to do customization on the same !!

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