New to Magento 2 and just did a fresh install and must have set something wrong, perhaps in the rewrite url.

I have a single subcategory called Test and 1 product called product1.

This product is in the Test category and shows up fine on the nav and within the catalog page, but is blank when I select the product detail page.

url www.domain.com/product1.html

When I manually change the url to www.domain.com/test/product1.html it works fine.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Configuration -> Web -> Base URL's look like this:

  • Base URL www.domain.com
  • Base Link URL www.domain.com
  • Base URL for Static View Files Blank
  • Base URL for User Media Files Blank

Base URL: www.domain.com/Test

Base Link URL: {{unsecure_base_url}}

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