Products having special characters like TM, I am importing products using ™ for TM, it appears as expected on product detail and listing page. But when the product is added to cart, in mini-cart I see ™ string instead of TM.

How can I import or create products with the product name containing special characters in Magento 2?


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You need to override some file to resolve this:

copy this file in your theme:


Magento rendering your product name as text <a data-bind="attr: {href: product_url}, text: product_name"></a>. You can change it from text to html like this <a data-bind="attr: {href: product_url}, html: product_name"></a>.

Maybe you are facing same on the checkout page in the summary section you need to do same for that but with this file.


From <strong class="product-item-name" data-bind="text: $parent.name"></strong> To <strong class="product-item-name" data-bind="html: $parent.name"></strong>.

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