I'm pretty fresh to Magento and been playing around with Magento 2.2.6 on a MAMP setup.

Can anyone recommend any trustworthy resources for building a theme from the ground up? I am also interested in courses if anyone can recommend any good courses. I checked Udemy but there aren't many Magento courses.

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  • You should first start by understanding basic structure of Magento if you are a beginner, for that you can read from devdocs.

  • Check here, you can take some help of basics of frontend development.

  • I also suggest to read some blogs of experts suggested here

  • Even you can attend bootcamps arranged by Magento community itself.


There is pretty good official magento documentation for theme development and frontend customization at magento devdocs here -


I recommend installing grunt and putting your website on developer mode for starting any frontend customization or theme development.

If you are looking for something particular you can always post your queries here in magento stackexchange.

  • Thank you for the link and Grunt suggestion...I actually prefer Gulp, but same idea. And yes, I already put the site in development mode.
    – Sergio
    May 16, 2018 at 13:39

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