I'm using Magento 2 to create my site. I want to dynamically assign a sponsor to the register of a new customer. I had create a customer custom field named nickname on the database. In practice I want to provide a link such as http://mywebsite.net/John1 where John1 is the nickname of the sponsor. The system will give an error not finding the requested page. I want to edit 404 page and redirect for the registering page with the sponsored nickname on it. I create a link:


The 404 page will process the URL and catch the string John1 and assign to the field nickname in a way that the registering page should be such as:

Sponsor: John1
E-mail: _______________

Could someone help me on this hard task? At least some guidelines how to start would be much appreciated.

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To achieve this requirement, you have to understand two things:

Using this two, you can achieve your requirement.

Use of custom route means to point a custom URL http://example.com/index.php/mytesturl/ to Magento own routing http://example.com/index.php/front_name/controller/action/ .

A good example of a custom router that is Magento own CMS module

Suppose you have created two cms pages from admin:

One is about us and it is identifier is about-us and its id is 5.

Then if you hit the url www.example.com/about-us then you can see the content is server from admin about-us cms page. If you debug that page www.example.com/about-us and then you will find that the page is rendered from Action class


Internally, www.example.com/about-us is requesting the page www.example.com/cms/page/view/page_id/5.

You can check this point logic is manage fro router class Magento\Cms\Controller\Router , the businesses logic of cms page routing is managed from here.

$page = $this->_pageFactory->create();
$pageId = $page->checkIdentifier($identifier, $this->_storeManager->getStore()->getId());
if (!$pageId) {
    return null;
$request->setModuleName('cms')->setControllerName('page')->setActionName('view')->setParam('page_id', $pageId);
$request->setAlias(\Magento\Framework\Url::REWRITE_REQUEST_PATH_ALIAS, $identifier)

So, you need to implement the same type of business routing logic for your requirement.

Where http://mywebsite.net/John1 internally request to url


At Custom router check request path $request->getPathInfo(), is match with a customer nickname .


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