I have 4 stores running under single Magento 2 installation. Right now each store has its own order number series.

For Example:

                 Order Number
Store 1:   100000001
Store 2:   200000001
Store 3:   300000001
Store 4:   400000001

But We want same order number series for all, For example.

                 Order Number
Store 1:   100000001
Store 2:   100000002
Store 3:   100000003
Store 4:   100000004

Please let me know the solution for Magento2, I'm running version 2.2.1.


SELECT * FROM sales_sequence_meta

All sequence_table row are used on same increment table Example 'sequence_order_1' example: UPDATE sales_sequence_meta SET sequence_table = 'sequence_order_1'. where meta_id =?? ()

Note: Empty all previous Quote and invoice related row OR Use on highest sequence_value table on this tables (sequence_order_1, sequence_order_0,sequence_order_2)

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