I am just working to make my Magento site run faster and I'm seeing a lot of repeated rows in my Magento2.2.2 exception.log file that says the below.

However, I'm not sure how to fix it.

Wondering if anyone can explain better what it means.

I have a theme I purchased and then created a child theme of the purchased theme .So, I can edit the phtml and css files to customize the theme.

main.CRITICAL: The element 'product.info.main' already has a child with alias 'other' {"exception":"[object] (Magento\\Framework\\Exception\\LocalizedException(code: 0)

Search all of your theme and sub-theme layout files for the following snippet:


The error is telling you that there's two different locations that are trying to define a block or container with an alias of "other", and of course names and aliases have to be unique.

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