Source class "\Magento\CatalogRule\Api\Data\RuleLabelInterface" for "Magent o\CatalogRule\Api\Data\RuleLabelInterfaceFactory" generation does not exist .

  • Try to delete {{magento root path}}/var/generation/Magento then re-run php bin/magento setup:di:compile. – kunj May 14 '18 at 11:06

You can rename registration.php of module which is throwing compilation error.

Reference : Stack Exchange


Are you using custom code? Because RuleLabelInterface is part of the Magento_SalesRule-module, not the Magento_CatalogRule.

Try running setup:di:compile with the -vvv-argument to see the trace which is throwing the error. I'm guessing some module is instantiating the wrong class (and I doubt if it's Magento).

  • Yes,i make one custom module for catalogrule. – Lovely Setia May 14 '18 at 13:24
  • You're probably using Magento\CatalogRule\Api\Data\RuleLabelInterfaceFactory in your module instead of Magento\SalesRule\Api\Data\RuleLabelInterfaceFactory. (and for that reason probably also Magento\CatalogRule\Api\Data\RuleLabelInterface instead of ``Magento\SalesRule\Api\Data\RuleLabelInterface`. – Giel Berkers May 14 '18 at 13:31

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