I am using multiple event observers in Magento 1.9

From there, I want to conditionally execute other observers. For example, defining the configuration in system.xml to enable or disable execution of observers after certain events.

In config I have this:


Is there any configuration we can use here to enable/disable these observers?

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Try this
In config.xml



public function addNewLayout($observer){
      $layout = $observer->getEvent()->getLayout();
      $update = $layout->getUpdate();

      $action = $observer->getEvent()->getAction();
      $fullActionName = $action->getFullActionName();

      switch ($fullActionName) {
        case 'adminhtml_sales_order_view':
            $xml = "<reference name='root'><remove name='footer'></remove></reference>";
//in case you're going to add some conditional (apply these new layout xml on these action or other things, you can modify it by yourself)

//here is the pieces of layout xml you're going to load (you get it from database)


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