I have a discount of free shipping which I want to apply when the shipping address is in the U.S. and the subtotal is $100 or over.

I am trying to exclude Hawaii and Alaska from receiving the free shipping but even after excluding it, its still giving the free shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

enter image description here

Can someone help? Am I doing it wrong?


Recreated your rule and in my installation, it works:

Can you please retry following this guide:

  1. Create a new rule under Marketing -> Cart Price Rule (as you probably already did)
  2. Set the rule like the following images



  1. Now save and clear your cookies. Add a product to your bag and start simulating as the following screenshots. This problem is not reported in any Magento version but if the issue persists can you tell me what is your Magento version exactly?



enter image description here

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You need to change your conditions displayed in following screenshot:

enter image description here

I hope it may helpful to anyone.

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