I want to add tags to my products and my question is how do you organize this. What I know for now thinks to do.

  1. I must change tags page url to look nicer

NO: ../tag/product/list/tagId/1/

YES: ../tag/My-Tag

I have found the nice post about that (not tested yet) link: Magento rewrite tags url

  1. I think the good idea would be to add some description about 300 words to every tag- I guess this would bust SEO - not really sure how to solve that.

  2. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

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If by tag pages, you mean duplicate or think content pages with a list of keywords, this is NOT good for SEO

I would recommend not having these pages, serving 404 or add a meta noindex

Otherwise if these are main content pages, then are they already ranking?

If so, changing their URL will BREAK that ranking.

If not, then choose a URL structure that contains the 1 main keywords you want to rank for, preferably in the page name

and Make sure the total URL string is less than 90 characters!

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