I have created my own fileuploader base on magento component. I want to check file number when it reach to limit

function (
) {
    return UpLoader.extend({
        defaults: {
            template: 'uploader/uploader',
            previewTmpl: 'uploader/preview',
            isMultipleFiles : true,
            inputName: 'image',
            uploaderConfig: {
                dataType: 'json',
                sequentialUploads: true,
                formData: {
                    'form_key': window.FORM_KEY
            links: {
                value: '${ $.parentName }:uploadValue'

        //more functions here
        Parent file have lot functions here

         * This is my constructor
         * Invokes initialize method of parent class,
         * contains initialization logic
        initialize: function () {
            _.bindAll(this, 'reset');

            return this;

         *  Retrieve max number file allow in configuration
        getMaxFileNumber: function() {
            return this.uploaderConfig.maxFileNumber;

Is there a good way to check and return alert message when user number file uploaded reach to limit

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Maybe someone will need, i will post my temporary solution here

onFilesChoosed: function () {
    var files = this.value();
    if (files.length >= this.getMaxFileNumber()) {
        alert("Max files exceeded, You can't upload more!");
        return false;
    return this;

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