Here are the official documents. I am using "porto" as the parent theme, and "porto_base_child" as its child theme. In the backend I have porto_base_child selected for all store views. For the parent theme, when I add


to the referenceContainer for the footer, it removes the footer. That is as expected - good!

However, when I try to modify the same line within my child theme, it doesn't stick. Rather, it always inherits the value from the parent, instead of overriding it. What am I missing?

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I found the answer, painfully. It is exactly as the link I posted above describes it. Yesterday I tried and it didn't work. Must have been that I spelled a folder wrong. Magento is very unforgiving.

Below is an image of my file structure. The parent them is porto, and the child is porto_base_child. I wanted to override "default.xml" within porto/Smarwave_Porto/layout.

You can see that for overriding this layout, multiple new folders were required, such that the path looks like this:


enter image description here

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