In my custom collection $career_collection->setOrder('career_id','ASC'); not working.

My function is below

public function getAllCareers(){

    $Careers = $this->_careersFactory->create();
    $career_collection = $Careers->getCollection();

    echo $career_collection->getSelect(); exit;
    return $career_collection;

getSelect return the query like below

SELECT `main_table`.* FROM `e25_careers` AS `main_table` WHERE (`active` = '1').

What is the wrong i am doing here


This is correct method


If it is not showing in query. just simply add load();


Then it will show complete query.


You can try below way:

$career_collection->getSelect()->order('career_id ASC');
  • yes this is working to get the query.But how can i return the collection with this order by query.if i add lik ethis $career_collection->Order('career_id ASC'); its not working – Mujahidh May 10 '18 at 5:07

I was facing some syntax error, so resolved by just putting single quotes `


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