<move element="product.info.stock.sku" destination="product.info.addtocart" as="product.info.stock.sku.old"/>
<move element="product.info.stock.sku" destination="product.info.addtocart.additional" as="product.info.stock.sku.additional"/>

I have tried the above code in catalog_product_view_type_simple.xml file and getting as


But only one work at a time, actually I want to move sku in simple product which has options or not.

  • in which page you need to move elements – shivashankar m May 9 '18 at 12:24
  • single product page but its done by such method given by @Sander Jongsma But If you have better answer so, you can post. – Gagandeep Singh May 10 '18 at 10:09

You can not move one element to 2 positions. It doesn't have a clone function or somethings. So in order to do this you will need to create a second block for this, like:

<container name="product.info.stock.sku.copy" label="Product auxiliary info" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="product-info-stock-sku">
    <block class="Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\View\Description" name="product.info.sku.copy" template="Magento_Catalog::product/view/attribute.phtml">
            <argument name="at_call" xsi:type="string">getSku</argument>
            <argument name="at_code" xsi:type="string">sku</argument>
            <argument name="css_class" xsi:type="string">sku</argument>
            <argument name="at_label" xsi:type="string">default</argument>
            <argument name="add_attribute" xsi:type="string">itemprop="sku"</argument>

Use other names to avoid collisions.

  • Thanks, But i already did with method like you suggest. I supposed cloning is exist in magento 2. – Gagandeep Singh May 10 '18 at 10:08

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