I have attached the screenshots images of my store and the model how it should appear. I have to change according to that. can anyone please help how to change or customize the header of the magento 2.enter image description here

I have to change the header in 1st image to the header in the 2nd image

enter image description here

  • Do some to create custom container into app/design/frontend/Agtech/mapharma/Magento_Theme/layout – Nikul May 8 '18 at 7:00

Do some to create custom container into


Just Use Move to function for that design.


Customizing Header in extended Your Current Theme

You need to make changes in following files.

1 ) Adding DIV around your logo and giving styles


Use _extend.less for adding custom styles


2 ) Edit you search box in your extended module, extend if not extended . Add DIV around and assign our class and define styles in _extend.less


3 ) Same above method you can use for Navigation at below path in sections.phtml


I hope this will help you, let me know if any issue

Run upgrade/deploy/cache commands to see the CSS changes if using _extend.less for custom styling


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