I am trying from magento soap to get info about inventory from individual "sku", but object "multiLocationInventoryStockList" is getting me back result from all locations Id's.

Here is my code in C#:


string locationid = "1";

filters filter = new filters
            complex_filter = new[]
                new complexFilter
                    key = "sku",
                    value = new associativeEntity { key = "eq", value = "123456-Test"}

Then call for results:

var list = client.multiLocationInventoryStockList(sessionID, locationid, filter);

Now this same filter works fine for other objects e.g. catalogProductList, but not for multiLocationInventoryStockList. I can't find any documentation for this object that is requesting diffrent keys and values in filter.

I am using magento 1.9


That multiLocationInventoryStockList doesn't seem to be a valid operation in Magento default wsdl.xml files


If this is provided by a 3rd party extension or module, as it seems, you'd better contact their technical support, or at least provide related code, so user can check it


After a bit of Google... Maybe this would be the right place to ask for support?


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