I am trying to get the wishlist products collection of a particular customer by the customer Id. but it is not working. I am using the following code :

$objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
$wishlist = $objectManager->get('\Magento\Wishlist\Model\Wishlist');
$wishlist_collection = $wishlist->loadByCustomerId($userId, true)->getItemCollection();

Try this

private $wishlist;

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Wishlist\Model\Wishlist $wishlist
) {
    $this->wishlist = $wishlist;

$customer_id = 1;
$wishlist_collection = $this->wishlist->loadByCustomerId($customer_id, true)->getItemCollection();

foreach ($wishlist_collection as $item) {
  • Why wishlist does not update immediately when i add/remove product from/to wishlist? I can see it updated on magento wishlist page but not on the page where i have written this code. It refresh data after i refresh page 4-5 times. I am working on local. – Khushbu May 23 '19 at 5:34
  • @Dinesh Yadav, I want to collect wishlist data for all customers as a CSV. Please guide me. – Siva Dec 26 '19 at 4:37

Try to create a block class as shown below :

class Wishlist extends \Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template

 * @var CollectionFactory
protected $_wishlistCollectionFactory;

public function __construct( 

    \Magento\Wishlist\Model\ResourceModel\Item\CollectionFactory $_wishlistCollectionFactory
   $this->_wishlistCollectionFactory = $_wishlistCollectionFactory;


public function getWishlistForCustomer($customerId)
  return $this->_wishlistCollectionFactory->create()

  • Can you elaborate your answer to display product names from wishlist? I use code foreach ($wishlist_collection as $item) { print_r($item->getProduct()->getName()); } but i can not get data. – Khushbu May 23 '19 at 6:31
  • I solved my issue by using code from this link: magento.stackexchange.com/questions/250483/… – Khushbu May 23 '19 at 7:12
  • You can simply get the data of wishlist from $this->_wishlistCollectionFactory->create(); function and add the output data in a csv using fputcsv() function of php – Dinesh Yadav Dec 27 '19 at 6:00
  • @Dinesh Yadav, Can you please share me the sample code on getting wishlist collection as a CSV file? – Siva Dec 29 '19 at 11:24

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