There are five product SKU that I would like to add a $10 shipping fee for each product added to the cart.


if all 5 of the skus are added to the cart, there would be an additional $50 shipping fee added to the total price. Is there a way to do this in Magento If there isn't a way to do this via editing the Shipping Methods, is there a work around by creating a Shopping Cart Price Rule?


If you always use the same shipping price for a given product regardless destination and date you can use the "weight" attribute as the actual shipping price with table rates.

  • Create a new attribute to display the actual weight of the item on the website
  • Change the "weight" attribute setting not to display it on the frontend.
  • Re-import product details with the new weight attribute and the magento "weight" attribute with the shipping price in it.
  • Create a table for table rates and simply put values in the "Weight (and above)" and "Shipping Price" columns as 0,0; 1,1; 2,2 so on.
  • Import the CSV file with the shipping rates

Please note this will add up shipping prices: for example if you order two product and the shipping price is 4 for product A and it is 5 for product B the final shiping will be 9.


Install Owebia shipping extension which is available free of cost.. here and marketplace ( Don't worry about quality code as it's on marketplace)

owebia extension for magento 1

 "id_001": {
         "label":" your shipping method name",
          "about": " Calculate shipping fees by product as per your need  add a $10 shipping fee for each product",
          "fees": "{foreach product.attribute.sku where array_match_any(product.sku, array(sku-1,sku-2,sku-3,sku-4,sku-5))}{product.attribute.price} +10.00{/foreach}"

worked for any formulas and conditions.. sku-1,sku-2 ... replaced by original sku id's check documentation for rule here..

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