I'm working on a M2 store and I want to set the Luma theme from the admin to do some debugging. The way M2 themes are set is waaaay different than M1. I'm looking at the CONTENT > Design > Configuration section, but I can't figure out what is the current theme. The store has multiple websites and store views and multiple themes.

Anyone can shed some light, please?

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To see theme(s) and/or make changes, go to Content->Design->Themes. From there, you can select each one to change the fallback settings, among other things.

The part that (I think) you are looking for is under Content->Design->Configuration:

enter image description here

Here you will see the different websites and store-views. Select Edit on the 2nd-to-last column of your desired scope, and you can change the applied theme, as well as make theme-related changes:

enter image description here

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