I have a very strange issue. After upgrading from 2.1.3 to 2.2.3 CE I've noticed one strange issue, which is as I found out, related to MSP_CashOnDelivery module. But please let me explain the scenario.

When the module is disabled, add to cart works properly, and mini-cart is displayed after product is added to cart. But, when the module is enabled data this is not the case.

Here are the call and the response:


    summary_count: 0,
    subtotalAmount: null,
    subtotal: "<span class="price">AED0.00</span>",
    data_id: 1525081565,
    extra_actions: "",
    isGuestCheckoutAllowed: true,
THIS => items: [] <= THIS,
    possible_onepage_checkout: true,
    subtotal: "<span class="price">AED0.00</span>",
    subtotalAmount: null,
    subtotal_excl_tax: "<span class="price">AED0.00</span>",
    subtotal_incl_tax: "<span class="price">AED0.00</span>",
    summary_count: 0,
    website_id: "1"

Did anyone have a similar case, because I still can't find what exactly is causing this issue.

  • Are you using below module? github.com/magespecialist/MSP_CashOnDelivery Because, Here They have mentioned that,"MSP CashOnDelivery is a Magento 1.x extension ..." – Ronak Parmar Apr 30 '18 at 11:18
  • Previous version I had (2.1.3) has this module enabled and it works without any issues. I have the latest version of M2 version of this module. – BaracudaDXB Apr 30 '18 at 13:24

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