I noticed that Magento stores some images at the following path /media/catalog/product/A/C, however it is duplicating the images many times. For example:

AC41412_Black_1.jpg AC41412_Black_2.jpg AC41412_Black_3.jpg AC41412_Black_4.jpg AC41412_Black_5.jpg AC41412_Black_6.jpg AC41412_Black_7.jpg AC41412_Black_8.jpg AC41412_Black_9.jpg AC41412_Black_10.jpg AC41412_Black_11.jpg AC41412_Black_12.jpg AC41412_Black_13.jpg AC41412_Black_14.jpg AC41412_Black_15.jpg

Can anyone tell me the reason why Magento does this as it's taking up a lot of disk space.

Thanks in advance.


When you upload image to the product, Magento will not check if the file name is exist or not, but Magento will save a new image, if the file name is exist then magento will rename the file to be like this {filename}_1, {filename}_2,{filename}_3. anyway there are a lot of script that will clean the images that is not used by Magento

see this free extension for magento 1


and this free extension for magento 2


Hope this will help you


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