I have a specific scenario to work with and need help.

Currently I have set up for 8 years a Magento 1 multi website store with this configurations:

Magento is installed in a subfolder of a domain and its on the shop.olddomain.com

Added 4 website's and in Magento option enabled 'add store code to url's':

  • website 1 - store 1 - store view 1 url: shop.olddomain.com/us/ USA

  • website 2 - store 2 - store view 2 url: shop.olddomain.com/eu/ EUROPE
  • website 3 - store 3 - store view 3 url: shop.olddomain.com/hr/ CROATIA
  • website 4 - store 4 - store view 4 url: shop.olddomain.com/si/ SLOVENIA
Now I want for Europe, Croatia and Slovenia website to move each of them to newly bought domains separately. It needs to become:

  • 2 - newdomain.eu
  • 3 - newdomain.hr
  • 4 - newdomain.si

and for US to stay the same:

  1. olddomain.com/us/

How to achieve that with .htaccess 301 redirects (and in the same time to disable in Magento option 'add store code to url's)

  1. Installed Advanced Store Code url https://www.safemage.com/advanced-url-store-code.html to easy on/off storecode to url's per website one by one while developing solution

  2. added subfolder in Magento root as exactly was store code I turned off for the website (like /eu) and add .htaccess redirectom rules RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://newdomain.eu/$1 [R=301,L]

  3. in main Magento .htaccess added SetEnvIF environment variable

SetEnvIf Host .newdomain.eu. MAGE_RUN_CODE=eu SetEnvIf Host .newdomain.eu. MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website

  1. turned off Add Store Code to Url's in Magento backend for EU website

  2. repeat for each other website

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