I've been tasked with importing from a non Magento store into Magento 1.9. We have over 236k orders that need to be imported. So far I've successfully written services (c#) to manage importing customers, categories, attributes and products directly into mysql. Now I need to do the orders. However, I'm stuck on what the information is in the product_options field that is serialized.


Can anyone point to somewhere that defines what each item is (s:15, a:2, s:3, etc) or explain to me what each item that needs to go into the serialization?


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The string you posted is the serialized version of the array

array (
  'info_buyRequest' => 
  array (
    'qty' => 1,
    'options' => 
    array (

a:1 means that what follows after that is an array with 1 element.
s:15 means that what follows after that is a string with 15 characters
i means that what follows is an integer.

I don't know the equivalent of the serialize function from php to C#, but if you only have simple products in the orders you need to import then I suggest using the same string as above and change only the 1 from i:1 to the quantity of the product in that specific order.

If you have configurable products or custom options it's going to be horrible. In this case the options section can have a lot of different values.

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