I added a module that moves billing address to the shipping step. But now I miss some spaces on the billing address in the sidebar of the billing step.

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I'm missing the spaces between firstname and lastname and zipcode and city. Does anyone know where those spaces should be set normally in the M2 code? I can't find it.

I did find that module-checkout > view > frontend > web > template < shipping-information.html calls for getRegion('ship-to')

I'm working with this module: Modified checkout

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I copied default.html and added spaces in KnockoutJs to template > address-renderer > default.html by doing this:

<!-- ko text: ' ' -->

Got the same issue thanks !

For someone else with the same problem, don't forget to close the ko tag has @Sanne suggests

<!-- ko text: ' ' --><!-- /ko -->

Use the below code for "opc-block-shipping-information"

<!-- ko text: address().prefix --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko text: address().firstname --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko text: address().middlename --><!-- /ko -->
<!-- ko text: ' ' --><!-- /ko -->
<!-- ko text: address().lastname --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko text: address().suffix --><!-- /ko -->

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