I installed Magento 2 on Ubuntu/Apache/Sendmail and setup email configuration on Store -> Configuration -> Advanced System -> Mail Sending Settings & Sales -> Sales Email Settings. I configured cron via cli too.

Now, whenever an action takes place (example: Newaccount creation, new order or etc), the system is not sending email.

Please help me.


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If you are on live server you need to enable sending emails and if you are on local server then you can achieve it by installing some Magento 2 extensions which are working perfectly.

Some of the tested extensions for custom SMTP are listed below:


First you need to send testing mail if it will work then you can go further and if this will not work then you need to debug like store id and area etc do let me know if you are facing the issue.


Actually I wasn't set hostname for my server. You can check hostname by typing just hostname in command line.

You can see current hostname then you can change hostname to a domain name as usual.

If you setup the domain name you are not using then, the mail propebly go to spam box.


The simple way is to configure sendgrid extension. you could find more details here https://marketplace.magento.com/sendgrid-email-delivery-simplified.html


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