I would like to have multiple website in my Magento Server. But I need to put only one website under maintanence not the entire server.


The commands in the above link is turning the entire server to maintanence mode. But, I need to turn only a particular website to Maintanence mode and also I should access the REST API's during the maintanence period.


I know 2 ways of doing:

1st and easiest, simple create a page you want to display, name it as index.php and replace your file on public_html

2nd, go to your index.php file, and add this code on line 49:

$mageFilename = MAGENTO_ROOT . '/app/Mage.php';
$maintenanceFile = 'maintenance.flag';
$allowed = array('',''); //insert your allowed IP here

if (!file_exists($mageFilename)) {
    if (is_dir('downloader')) {
        header("Location: downloader");
    } else {
        echo $mageFilename." was not found";

if (file_exists($maintenanceFile) && !in_array($ip, $allowed)) {
    include_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/errors/503.php';

Remember to always have the backup updated.

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