The price of product with different design is shown below. I have kept the product price as zero and mentioned the price of variants like this. But in the front end its showing Suede+ 655.

enter image description here

I want it to be "Suede= Rs 655" or only "suede". How to do it?


If you want to add '=' instead of '+' before price,then you have to change in Select.php.


You have to replace '+' to '=' using :-

$priceStr = str_replace("+", "=", $priceStr); 

Add $priceStr = str_replace("+", "=", $priceStr); after

 foreach ($_option->getValues() as $_value) {
    $priceStr = $this->_formatPrice(
        'is_percent' => $_value->getPriceType() == 'percent',
        'pricing_value' => $_value->getPrice($_value->getPriceType() == 'percent'),

$priceStr = str_replace("+", "=", $priceStr);

I hope this will work for you.:)

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