After migration from 1.9 to 2.2.2 data not show in admin panel ordered item position.

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I consider you know how to use data-migration-tool.(install & config).

Following: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.3/migration/migration-migrate-data.html

just you need to help in map tables.so data can show in admin panel.

To map magento 1.x tables in database (source) <source></source> tag is used.

To map magento 2.x tables in database (destination) <destination></destination> tag is used.

To map tables <document_rules></document_rules> tag is used.

To map columns </field_rules></field_rules> is used.

check map.xml file for :

  1. you have to decide which table you need to ignore or not e.g:

    For sales order grid data in admin panel comment or remove this.

    you may need to ignore extensions tables & columns which exist in magento1.x database.

    <source> <document_rules> <!-- <ignore> <document>sales_flat_creditmemo_grid</document> </ignore> <ignore> <document>sales_flat_invoice_grid</document> </ignore> <ignore> <document>sales_flat_order_grid</document> </ignore> <ignore> <document>sales_flat_shipment_grid</document> /ignore> -->
    </document_rules> </source>

  2. You have to exclude extra columns which was created by extensions in Magento1.x but not in Magento 2 . e.g: sales_flat_invoice_item.shipment_id may be any table.attribute_name.

    <source> </field_rules> <ignore> <field>sales_flat_invoice_item.shipment_id</field> </ignore> </field_rules> </source>

  3. You have to rename some table names. e.g

All table changes & data structure can be find here

<document_rules> <rename> <document>sales_flat_creditmemo_item</document> <to>sales_creditmemo_item</to> </rename> <rename> <document>sales_flat_invoice_item</document> <to>sales_invoice_item</to> </rename> <rename> <document>sales_flat_order_item</document> <to>sales_order_item</to> </rename> <rename> <document>sales_flat_quote_address_item</document> <to>quote_address_item</to> </rename> <rename> <document>sales_flat_quote_item</document> <to>quote_item</to> </rename> <rename> <document>sales_flat_quote_item_option</document> <to>quote_item_option</to> </rename> <rename> <document>sales_flat_shipment_item</document> <to>sales_shipment_item</to> </rename> </document_rules>

  1. Most important just follow errors & migration.log file to solve.e.g

[PDOException] SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '1-17' for key 'CAT_PRD_ENTT_MDA_GLR_VAL_TO_ENTT_VAL_ID_ENTT_ID'

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