I have multi language website.

In my website, I want to redirect using controller to actual path of the website.

For ex. Currently, I redirect to


But, I need to redirect like


How to do it?

Anyone please help me.


Try to use this code. It maybe helpful to you :

$redirectpath = Mage::getUrl(' ', array('_direct' => 'testing'));

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    You should really add some context to this answer. For instance, where does this code go? What do you expect it to do? Why should it do that? I expect for from someone with 2K, and you clearly need to brush up on How to write a good answer – mtr.web Apr 18 '18 at 20:09

First you Override File


After You can need to redirect like.....

Language1 Language2

You have to pass store_id in the second parameter to have correct store

Try to use this

echo Mage::getUrl(' ',array('_store'=>1));

where "2" is your store_id

You can find more information


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