I am new in Magento 2. Can anybody can tell me that how I add a category to the main menu. Thanks

Login to Admin:
Step 1) Click on Catalog >> Categories.
Step 2) Select Category you want to add in main menu. And select "Include in Menu" => Yes
Step 3) Run command php bin/magento cache:flush
Now check in frontend category show in main menu.
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First you have to add your category in Admin->Catalog->Categories be sure to have the Include in Menu set to yes also don't forget to clear cache if you have it all enabled

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You can add a category from Admin. Use following path.

Magento Admin >> Products >> Categories

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To add categories to the main menu follow below steps.

  1. From Magento, Admin Dashboard go to Catalog -> Categories
  2. Select existing category or add a new category. Enable the option "Include in Menu" to "Yes".
  3. Save category.
  4. Clear cache if the cache is enabled.
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