While uploading products, special price given from Magento admin is working fine in product page.

But, in cart page it's taking actual price.

I had tried many answers from internet. But, still failed to solve. please help to fix it?

  • check for cart price rule from admin also you can debug it with path hint enable from admin. Apr 16 '18 at 11:14

I have the same issue, in multi store setup (2 websites with 1 store each). But it can have many causes. In my case special price is not loaded correctly in quote item (cart/checkout) because the product is missing a row value in table catalog_product_entity_decimal for admin store. Magento needs at least to have a NULL in column value for store_id = 0.

I cart/quote item Magento loads the product collection differently using:


The function is clear, it needs a row for store_id = 0 (admin store) in order to perform the SQL join.

I guess the issue is what part of the store's code (magento core or other) is deleting the admin store row for special price.

A workaround is to go to admin store in product edit and save empty value in special price: save first any number and than remove the number on second save. It will save a NULL value in the table catalog_product_entity_decimal for that product.

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